People typically talk about big in the context of increasing efficiency or revenue for businesses, but it has applications across virtually every sector.

Some of those applications could lives. Here are three in which data could help save your .

1. Preventing Chronic Diseases

Every year, the U.S. spends around $0 billion on preventable hospitalizations. About half of those hospitalizations are due to chronic diseases, namely heart disease and diabetes. These diseases are two of the most prominent health problems Americans face.

Preventing these diseases and the hospital visits they lead to is a significant challenge, but it’s one data analytics may be able to help address.

Boston University’s College of Engineering and Boston Medical Center are teaming up to tackle this issue by developing machine learning algorithms that can identify patients who have a high risk of developing these two diseases, which can allow doctors to intervene early and keep them healthy through personalized health plans.

Data analytics technologies enable the use of many more variables than medical professionals typically use when determining risk. For this project, the researchers plan to use data from electronic health records, implantable devices, wearables and home-based networked diagnostic devices.

2. Improving EMS Efficiency

It’s essential for …

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