The National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Mich. is celebrating its 92ndyear, spanning eight days.

Cherry pies, cherry juices, cherry doughnuts, any and everything involving cherries can be tasted by the more than 500,000 guests that come to northern Michigan.


According to Phil Korson, president of the Cherry Marketing Institute, 75 percent of the total U.S. supply of cherries comes from that region.

Part of his job has been to market cherries for not just pies and pie fillings, but to show off the health benefits of the fruit.

“Tart cherry juice is a natural anti-inflammatory,” he told AgriTalk host Chip Flory. “The more science we fund, the more results that we get, it all points back to the natural anti-inflammatory products of this fruit.”

China’s tariffs on corn and soybeans seem to be one of the main focuses in agriculture, but the cherry industry is impacting U.S. cherry growers as well, including producer Nita Send, who is hoping to break even this year.

Hear how the farm bill crop insurance program has been working out for cherry growers and what the labor situation is like on AgriTalk above.

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