With resource-based pricing, we no longer consider your machine type and instead, we add up all the resources you use across all your machines into a single total and then apply the discount. You do not need to take any action. You save automatically. Let’s look at the scaling example again, but this time with resource-based pricing.

  • You began the month running four vCPU, and subsequently scaled to eight vCPU, sixteen vCPU and finally thirty-two vCPU. You ran four vCPU all month, or 100% of the time, so you receive a 30% discount on those vCPU. You ran another four vCPU for 75% of the month, so you receive a 20% discount on those vCPU. And finally, you ran another eight vCPU for half the month, so you receive a 10% discount on those vCPU. Sixteen vCPU were run for one week, so they did not qualify for a discount. Let’s visualize how this works, to reinforce what we’ve learned.

And because resource-based pricing applies at a regional level, it’s now even easier for you to benefit from sustained use discounts, no matter which machine types you use, or the number of zones in a region in which you operate. Resource-based pricing will take effect in the coming months. Visit the Resource-based pricing page to learn more.

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