How would you encourage other Partners to reach for ?

We have been fortunate in that we already had the infrastructure in place which enabled us to divert resources over to build up .  We didn’t have to earn money from this new venture right away, but that will likely not be the case for many, so choose your marketing investment wisely.

It goes without saying that it would be wise for potential Gold Partners to live with at least some of the technology which will, of course, give them the chance to play, break and fix it which is the safe way to gain vital experience.  Also hopefully it’s a place to bring clients and show them that it does work well and is trusted by the people who are selling it.

We made quite a large investment in our trade show stand and this not only meant quite a bit of capital was tied up to build the actual unit, but also at each show our pitch costs quite a lot. In hindsight, a smaller initial stand could have served us well. Another trade show tip is that sometimes waiting until the last minute to book means the organisers of the shows practically give away the space. Albeit without the choice of location in the hall.

Finally look to build partnerships with the likes of architects or interior designers, a good relationship with the likes of these companies can be fruitful.

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