I recently changed jobs and industries. I was working for a medium sized financial institution, where I was developing tools on Tableau and Power for over 2,000 end users.

Now I’m at a smaller company, and I have just a handful of people who need access to the BI tools. The company is in the very nascent stages of really starting to leverage real-time data, and is still stuck in excel for most operations, however the data I will be leveraging is on a SQL server. What will the best be for me to start building with? My wish list:

– Mobile access to dashboards

– Drilldown capabilities

– Mapping functionality/geocoding

I’ve really wanted to go with Domo long-term, because I’m impressed with the functionality across the board, but I don’t think we can do cloud-based at the moment. So I’d like to see what your thoughts might be for starting with something like MicroStrategy? Or if you have any other thoughts on secure platforms, I’d be grateful for your input

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