June 27, 2018

You shouldn’t have to be an ERP expert to work in an ERP-centric environment.

Nor should you have to delay your adoption of advanced technologies because you don’t have a way to automatically capture, share, analyze and apply real-time across your operations.

That’s why cost-conscious supply chains use TAKE™ Supply Chain’s OneSCM platform to orchestrate cross-departmental transactions – and maintain real-time communications with suppliers across the globe – with complete accuracy and cost-saving efficiency.

Not only does OneSCM provide…

  • A user-friendly, web-based portal in multiple languages;
  • A single source of access to data from all your back-office systems;
  • Up-to-the-minute data accuracy;
  • Real-time alerts to revenue-generating opportunities – for you and your suppliers.

This collaborative digital supply chain console facilitates a completely synchronized “decision network” between you and your suppliers so that you can…

  • Track and trace inventory, invoices and every other piece of information critical to gaining a competitive advantage and maintaining a Just-In-Time manufacturing model;
  • Eliminate the exorbitant supply chain management expenses produced by ERP-only environments or existing back-office systems that are otherwise unable to communicate with one another;
  • Keep planning, procurement, logistics/shipping, finance, and other supply chain executives in step with external suppliers – whether they’re at their desk or working via mobile device.

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Source link https://www.supplychain247.com/paper/break_down_costly_supply_chain_data_silos_once_and_for_all


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