My first thought was “Oh they know what SUMIF does, but what about SUMIFS?” Listing random functions is messy. You should just work in “using advanced Excel functions” in one of the descriptions and remove that line. The last line of skills seems like it doesn’t say anything about your skills, this would be a cover letter sentence.

The SM Manager job bullets seem like they are a long sentence that you just chopped up.

You could put up a few dashboards on Tableau Public, this proves you have some experience with it.

I don’t see anything about SQL on here. I feel like this is required to be a .

Edit: I see MySQL now, it is buried in a list. Maybe have a web category under skills with HTML, CSS, JS, MySQL. I feel like that makes it easier to find. As someone else mentioned, the format needs work.

It takes a while to get a good resume. When you don’t have tons of experience you feel the need to add filler.

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