Following two weeks of declines, the national price per gallon for gasoline eked out a increase, rising 0.6 cents to $3.226 per gallon.

This comes on the heels of 1.9-cent and 0.4-cents decreases, respectively, over the previous two weeks.

Prior to those two weeks of declines, the national diesel average was up 0.7 cents and 2.0 cents, respectively.

And those gains came on the heels of a four-week stretch of declines, which saw the national diesel average fall a cumulative 7.2 cents, with declines of 2.8 cents, 2.2 cents, 1.9 cents, and 0.3 cents, respectively.

Prior to that four-week stretch of declines, the average price per gallon rose a cumulative 27.8 cents. Despite these declines, the diesel average has remained above the $3 per gallon mark since the week of March 26, when it was at $3.01 per gallon.

On an annual basis, the national diesel average of up 69.5 cents, falling short of last week’s 71.3-cent annual spread.

West Texas Intermediate Crude oil is currently trading at $69.96 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

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