The blockcain-based empowerment , , has announced it will be launching its supply platform.

The firm will its mainnet, the main network in a used for transactions, on 5 October.

Eximchain has partnered with Chinese Fortune 500 sourcing platform, YOOSourcing, and technology firm, Enigma, to enable the mainnet.

“The lack of transparency, connectivity and agility is a huge problem in the global supply chain industry,” said Hope Liu, the Founder and CEO of Eximchain.

“With global trade increasing at a tremendous rate, and boosted by e-commerce in Asia Pacific, supply chain players around the world are looking at technology to help them reduce costs and be more efficient in their processes.”


The mainnet will be used to build applications, and allow users to receive supply chain information in real-time.

“By connecting these businesses with our unique blockchain platform, Eximchain is well positioned to help drive the global supply chain industry forward with technology.”

“The launch of Eximchain`s Mainnet marks a significant business milestone. It also validates our team’s combined ambition to help bring the global supply chain industry on the blockchain.”

“Together with our partners, some of the world’s leading technology brands, we’re confident of delivering on our vision and ambition and moving the multi-billion-dollar supply chain industry.”

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