After two years of uncertainty, showed off the first for its electric car on Monday. It’s the first complete built at the company’s new Hanford, California, assembly plant.

Faraday Future first showed the FF91 at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, but since then, the company has stumbled financially. It wasn’t until Hong Kong-based Evergrande Health invested a $2 billion sum that the company finally began to stabilize. Faraday Future has all but abandoned its Nevada-based production facility in favor of the turn-key plant in Hanford, which was a former Pirelli tire factory.

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The production process includes over 1,500 self-piercing rivets to join the aluminum body , spot-welding techniques, and a special resistance welding to join aluminum and steel.

The FF91 will allegedly arrive with 1,050 horsepower and a 130-kilowatt-hour battery to provide 378 miles of range.

Now, with the first production body produced, Faraday Future said it expects to deliver the first production cars to customers as early as December 2018. Orders for the FF91 have been open since 2018 for early adopters, which the company calls “FF Futurists.” And the car will make even the most expensive Teslas seem cheap; prices are estimated to hover around $300,000.

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