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Google Cloud on Tuesday announced a new tool that should give admins more visibility into the ways their organization uses G Suite. The Work Insights tool, available in beta, provides information on how G Suite is deployed at the team level, aggregated at 10 people or more.

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In a blog post, Google pitched Work Insights as a useful tool for organizations undergoing a digital transformation: As teams move from legacy tools to G Suite, Work Insights can help admins track deployment progress and shed light on who may need additional training on particular applications.

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Additionally, Work Insights provides information on cross-team collaboration. Admins could learn, for instance, what percentage of a Sales team is working with the Marketing team and whether that collaboration happens in meetings or through co-created documents.

Google on Tuesday also announced the general availability of the investigation tool in the G Suite security center. Introduced earlier this year, the security center provides a dashboard for monitoring security metrics. The investigation tool adds integrated remediation to the prevention and detection capabilities already available. It enables admins to easily scale an incident response across an entire domain.

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