The Lenovo , the first Assistant-enabled device with a screen, has become available. Although the device was only on the market for a few days, some reviews have been published online, say that the smart speaker with a display has better design and features compared with Amazon’s .

Amazon Echo Show is designed to have the touch screen above and speakers below, meanwhile, Lenovo lets the touchscreen sits right horizontally and speakers at the left side. Lenovo devices have a larger screen than the Echo Show as well as a better look, commented Mashable.

In terms of sound quality, the Lenovo device with dual 2×2 microphones works well to pick up “Hey Google” commands, and its single speaker gives a lot clearer sound than the Echo Show, said Mashable.

The Lenovo Smart Display works very similar to other Google Assistant-powered speakers, but its screen presents more information than just sound.

For example, when users ask the assistant to turn on the lights, a screen will pop up and let users further adjust the brightness and color temperature; while asking about directions and traffic, Google speakers will tell how long it takes to get there and the Smart Display shows the routes in Google Maps on the screen.

Or, when users cook dinner and want to ask smart assistants for help, the Google Smart Display presents an easy-to-follow and step-by-step slideshows on the screen and provides tutorials on YouTube as well.

The information presentation on the Google Smart Display works great with all Google’s services, including Calendar, Translate, Google Photos, Google Maps and YouTube.

That’s how Google differentiates its touchscreen on smart speakers from Amazon – the search giant has more existing services to integrate with its smart assistants and display. More, the Smart Display gives a short sentence with a lot of visual answers, while Alexa still reads out loud all voice responds on the Echo Show, which came out one year earlier than the Smart Display.

“In the end, the most shocking thing about the Smart Display is how much better it is than the Echo Show overall,” commented Gizmodo.

The Lenovo Smart Display is now available, US$199 for an 8-inch screen model and US$249 for an 10-inch model. Other manufacturers like Sony, LG and JBL, are also planning to release Google Assistant-powered Smart Display devices.

Under the disadvantage that YouTube is removed from the Echo Show by Google, Amazon would need to improve its touchscreen UI to fight its leading position in the product category.

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