Hotel and restaurant operator of Group recently added functionality to its doors that will open automatically when they sense people are approaching.

Heart of America picked the revolving doors from Netherlands-based entry solution provider Royal Boon Edam. TQA automatic revolving doors are chosen for hotel properties while BoonAssist TQ manual revolving doors for . Both are metal-framed doors with glass sidewalls and door wings.

The TQA is a completely “hands free” automatic door that starts rotating when it senses that a user is approaching. The BoonAssist TQ manual door is unique in the industry because it combines three features: power assist, speed control and positioning: all three features combine to relieve users of extra effort, keep users safe and make entry more intuitive.

The modern design employs electricity and can therefore be fitted with additional security options that can be customized to an application, such as adding an access control system to allow managers entry after closing hours.

“When our customers see a Boon Edam revolving door on our property, we think they view us as a higher class structure,” said Heart of America CEO Whalen. “And from an energy management standpoint, the doors keep the cold air out, especially in the winter.”

With work environments becoming increasingly global and dynamic, the smart, safe entry has become the center of activity in and around many buildings. With 140 years of experience in engineering, Royal Boon Edam has expertise in managing the transit of people through office buildings, airports, healthcare facilities and .

Heart of America seeks to not only provide a secure entry way for customers, but also an that displays elegance and quality, in order to elevate the customer’s overall perception of the property.

Heart of America explored the possibility of implementing revolving doors after its national chain partners imposed licensing agreements that required automatic doors for entrances.

The Illinois-based company has grown considerably since it opened its first restaurant in 1978. The company owns and operates 35 hotels and restaurants in seven states, including Hilton, Marriott, and Holiday Inn & Suites locations, as well as brands including Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse, The Republic on Grand, Hotel Renovo, Wildwood Lodge, Thunder Bay Grille and The J Bar.

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