I help manage an IT Service Desk. It’s a call center environment and I have access to create reports in BOE. The universe is Genesys (call center software). One of the measurements is Not Ready Reason Time. What it does is combines all meeting, break, lunch, personal, training, callback etc (Reason Codes which is a dimension) time into a . If I were to simply create a report that shows the amount of time in a day each agent was not ready for lunch, I would toss the dimension of Reason Code in the query filter section and set it as Reason Code (Constant) Equal to and then type ReasonCode=Lunch in the field. When I add the Not Ready Reason Time as a column, it’d only show me the time for Lunch and not everything.

I want to build a report that has columns for Lunch, Break, Meeting etc so I can’t use Ready Code as a query filter for the whole report. I’m thinking making variables might be the way to go but I’m not entirely sure as I have exactly enough knowledge to be dangerous.

Despite not knowing this universe I thought maybe one of you might know of a method for me to try or point me in the direction of a youtube video or something.

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