Went to buy some for ourselves and found they weren’t easily available in the US, so we set up a wholesale purchase under the RGBgenie brand.

The most interesting are the LED Controllers, the Remote/Dimmer (which has some interesting abilities of its own) and the product that first attracted our attention, the in-wall dimmer and RGBW dimmer touch panels. There is also a module we’ve named the MESHgenie that is handy for setting up systems and then letting you run a system without a hub or Internet connection at all (which is kind of for rural installations maybe without a great Internet connection).

The Z- version is Z- Plus and works with Vera (does Wink not currently supported yet) and is a repeater.

The version is 3, works with Hue, Alexa and Google Home and is a repeater.

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post a link to the products on , but I’m happy to answer questions about them. We’re finishing the actual product website with English-language videos and instructions and wiring diagrams and such, but the products themselves are available for sale now.

If anyone wants to get access to hardware to help with compatibility or support in various software, let me know.

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r//comments/9b43q5/_a__and_i_are__some_nice_z_wave/


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