February 28, 2017 (excerpt video)

A Dairy Farmer’s True Story

It’s a remarkable personal story of triumph and perseverance in the face of dire circumstances.

Throughout the 1980’s, Tom Trantham was one of the top dairy producers in the state of South Carolina. He was a conventional dairy farmer whose holstein cows were fed a carefully crafted diet to maximize their milk production output.

But in 1989, dairy farmers were facing tough economic times. The cost of their inputs, feed and fertilizers climbed so high, even the top producers were struggling. Trantham had the bankruptcy papers ready to sign and then something incredible happened.

Watch the video to find out (warning: no spoiler alert here.).

Find out more about Tom Trantham and watch the full version of this video:

Source link https://cookingupastory.com/cows-led-way-saved-farm


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