September 19, 2018

Three Key Ways CPG Suppliers Win

Whether you are manufacturer, co-packer, or 3PL, one of your most sacred assets as a contract packaging service provider is the relationship you build with your customers.

The customer-supplier relationship has evolved over the past decade, and that means the way you approach building that relationship has to change as well.

Here at Nulogy, we work with hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers of co-pack services to CPG brands, and have seen them apply operational and business acumen in order to grow with their customers. We’ve also seen how it can be done the wrong way.

We segmented this book into three chapters; each representing one of the three key things CPG suppliers must manage well, in order to win with CPGs. In each chapter, we discuss the status quo, the shift that market leaders are taking to move away from the status quo, and why it’s important to take action now.

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