I guess the best place to is by listing my goals and going from there.

  1. door lock.

I need a smart door lock with keypad, actual keyhole, and Bluetooth phone entry. *I think I am going with Schlage for this unless convinced of a better product*

2) interior lighting.

I want my ceiling fans that have lights to be controlled by a smart switch, so if possible i want a switch that can change the fan speed, also dim the lights and turn either one off or on. Right now I have 3 ceiling fans with lights and then a light fixture in the kitchen, no ceiling fan. the fans all have single switches, meaning if i want to turn the fan off but keep the light on i have to use the pull-chains, i plan on changing all the ceiling fans eventually because they dont match each other, maybe that gives me more options?

3) whole audio.

I have several chromecasts already and I have seen the audio only chromecasts that let you make groups. can you make groups with regular chromecasts also? Sonos would be nice but its just a bit too expensive for me.

4) flood lights.

I have no idea if there is even a smart solution for this i just know i want to incorporate these into my backyard and driveway. potentially interested in both wired and solar options.

5) security system.

I haven’t looked into this much, mainly interested in outdoor cameras for all the entry ways of the house.

6) Hub

Probably the most important piece. I have absolutely zero idea where to begin here, mainly because i know in order to be successful with your system your hub has to be able to communicate with all your different products. I’ve seen some hubs that are software based that get linked to a computer/raspberry Pi that has to stay on indefinitely and some like Samsung SmartThings where its basically standalone, I have no idea what would be best for me overall.

7) user friendly

I’m an Android user so if possible i would like everything to work with google assistant. I’m not totally against using an Amazon echo if necessary, but i think I might prefer the google home products more.

I think that’s everything I’m worried about for now, thanks in advance for helping me piece this puzzle together.

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