I’ve been using home automation for years, from Insteon to Z-Wave to Caseta, then HomeSeer to ISY to Wink to SmartThings I’ve tried it all lol. Buying a new larger home and can actually justify now based on the size of it. I’m more a DIYer though so I’d want to do the training and then do it myself. The of a RA2 dimmer is insane to me though, like I could buy 6 Insteon or Z-Wave dimmers for the price of ONE RA2 one. I know has it’s super reliable clear connect RF technology, but I’ve honestly never had any issues with Insteon or Z-Wave before, and being that they cost 1/6th the price of RA2 I could even have tons of repeaters or redundancy built in should it be necessary.

Are there any other benefits to RA2 I’m missing as to why it might be better? I want to control outdoor lights as well like patio or garden lights but RA2 doesn’t seem to have any outdoor plugin modules when Insteon and Z-Wave does. Don’t want to spend tons more and then have a less capable system. Love any feedback!

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