Edit before posting: I’m rambling, please bear with me

I’m sure this question is asked a lot and I apologize in advance. I did a quick search and most threads I found wasn’t really relevant or regarding stuff that’s way more advanced than I understand at this point.

I just started out with some kind of home automation. I bought a starter pack Hue lights (3 White Ambience + bridge and dimmer), a Hue motion sensor and an Amazon Echo. I also bought a Logitech Harmony Elite. I’m also picking up two Innr lights for my bathroom and an RBG bulb from Innr today.

So that’s where I’m at.

Now, the Hue and Innr lights use Zigbee, and they’re both controlled by the Philips Hue bridge.

I have Alexa controlling the lights and TV/soundbar with the Harmony Elite.

I want to get a door lock (Danalock v3) but it comes in different versions with either Zigbee or Z-Wave Plus. I’m assuming I can’t connect the Danalock with Zigbee to the Hue bridge, so I need a separate bridge/ for the lock anyway, which means I could pick any Zigbee/Z-Wave Plus , right?

Homey seems too expensive right now, since I don’t know how much HA I’ll be using or which protocols. Perhaps a Raspberry Pi 3 and get either USB sticks or on-board add-ons?

Eventually, I want to get window blinds and window blinds (really, the same word for two different things? Obviously I’m not a native English speaker), but I have no how that would work since I have some roof windows. Only ones I’ve found for the roof windows are not smart and only from the manufacturer (FAKRO).

And a smart plug for my car’s heater.

I think that’s all I’ve come up with right now that doesn’t need me to invest in thousands of euros in other equipment (heating for example).

I feel like I could pick any Zigbee or Z-Wave controller right now since only the lock needs a controller (not even that, could use a phone as bridge for it) and the lock comes in both versions.

There’s so much information available, almost too much. Maybe there is no right controller, maybe it’ll all go to shit anyway. Maybe I’ll have to buy a Homey or 50 Pi’s with different protocols or whatnot.

A Homey would be nice (because it’s nice looking and supports “everything” (?), but it seems very limited in comparison to a Pi with OH or HA.

The more I write, the more overwhelmed I feel. Crap.

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