August 13, 2018

When it comes to transporting mission-critical freight – from satellites that orbit the earth to rocket engines designed to take and people into outer space – the customer must trust a carrier to do more than just deliver the load safely and on time. Moving mission-critical, often confidential, requires logistics expertise fueled by years of experience and vast resources.

Confidential Cargo

When the European Space Agency said “bon voyage” to its European Service Module (ESM), the planning process to move the Orion test article from a remote NASA testing facility to Kennedy Space Center was already underway. Months before the move, NASA turned to Agent Jim Robinson who put his team at Specialized Transportation (STR) into motion to start coordinating the confidential move.

“We first established a relationship with NASA 10 years ago,” says Robinson. “We are their first phone call for big moves. That’s because they know we will provide the logistics solution with no margin for error, which is important when you are moving this type of freight.”

Before the move to Cape Canaveral, the test article, which is an essential piece of the space shuttle Orion, was tested for 16 months at NASA’s Plum Brook Station in Sandusky, Ohio. Engineers from around the world conducted a series of tests that verified the structural integrity of the hardware to withstand a launch into space on top of a rocket.

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