is excited to introduce a new of multi- products that are customizable and provide the , automation and security capabilities that meet or exceed the current marketplace demands.

By simply adding one compact-size sensor, you can control multiple devices, including appliances, with your mobile device. These products provide both Automation and Security and can be added to existing ecosystems.

Let’s imagine. By the time you need to leave home, you start up the intelligent sensor which has been connected with alarm to protect your home. You can simply check everything from your smartphone and relax wherever you are.

LEEDARSON motion sensor can distinguish between humans and pets, so that pets won’t trigger the alert. The motion sensor can also turn on air conditioners or humidifiers when you are on your way home. Take off your shoes and enjoy the soothing music and warm light provided by your smart lights that work with motion sensor to welcome you home and help alleviate all the stress.

All these can be realized by LEEDARSON Intelligent Motion Sensors which include the Motion Sensor, 4-in-1 Multi-Sensor and Pet Immunity Motion Sensor. The Motion Sensor has two detection modes – 24 Hours mode and the Night mode, using Passive Infrared (PIR) to detect emitted infrared energy generated by humans or animals in the form of heat. The Motion Sensor can be programmed to turn off a light after a specific amount of elapsed time, if no movement is detected within its scan area.

The 4-in-1 Multi-Sensor has exceptional measurement precision that can sense motion through PIR, humidity, temperature and light intensity. As you can imagine, there are nearly countless automation scenarios that can be set up with this multifunctional sensor.

The Pet Immunity Motion Sensor uses PIR to detect motion, but also incorporates our special AI technology to recognize the size of any moving object, so false alerts will not be trigged from pets such as cats and dogs.

As the Internet of Things evolves and adoption grows, so will LEEDARSON. And like all of our products, we are able to introduce the new intelligent motion sensor series because we continue to invest in research and development. The investment helps LEEDARSON stay abreast of current market trends and shows our determination to be an innovator as the future of IoT unfolds. LEEDARSON will always strive to provide valuable products, solutions and services to our customers with the aim of supporting an improved quality of Smart Life.

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