Missouri dryness increases along with ag concerns

Deputy Missouri Ag Director Garrett Hawkins at Missouri NRCS meeting, LU Carver Farm

The dry weather and drought continue to grow in Missouri, sparking more concern for farmers. Garrettt Hawkins, with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, tells Brownfield,“We’re receiving calls from our farmers and ranchers in certain parts of the state with dry conditions some of which are abnormal. We’re closely monitoring the Drought Monitor that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln publishes every Thursday.”

Hawkins says there is help for farmers needing hay, “We do have the hay directory that’s always in place at the Department of Agriculture website so people can post hay availability or make that known so please make sure to check it out at”

The latest Drought Monitor shows Missouri’s abnormally dry conditions extending from central Missouri to a portion of southwest Missouri.  Moderate to severe drought spans most of northern Missouri. Hawkins urges farmers struggling with drought issues to be in touch with their local FSA offices.

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