[July 17, 2018]

the No. 1 artificial intelligence (AI) growth platform for sales,
announced the launch of a new product. New AI-powered technology for
predictive sales forecasting can increase sales forecasting accuracy by
30%. The InsideSales.com (NewsAlert) AI engine augments human judgment, giving sales
teams confidence in their forecasts and predictability in quota

“Sales leaders and their organizations are increasingly having trouble
forecasting revenue consistently and accurately. Only 46.9% of
forecasted deals actually close, and those that do– rarely close the
way that was predicted (CSO
). This takes its toll on sales rep productivity, as they
will spend inordinate amounts of time working on deals that won’t ever
close,” said InsideSales.com CEO, Dave Elkington.

“Using Artificial Intelligence, we can dramatically enhance human
judgment when committing to sales quotas and revenue numbers. The
accuracy of these predictions is much higher with AI intervention, which
means sales managers are confident in sales rep’s commits, and
stakeholders know what to expect at the end of the quarter,” added Dave.

AI Assists Humans in Sales Revenue Forecasting

The InsideSales.com Predictive
AI technology shows sales managers and leaders how to
actively manage their pipeline for success. The software highlights:

  • Which deals are most likely to close and which need attention

  • Changes in the sales pipeline that could affect revenue forecast

  • Individual productivity for sales reps compared to top performers

  • How to coach sales reps to replicate top performers’ results

“The age of growth at all cost is over. Stakeholders are increasingly
focusing on predictable, sustainable growth — and InsideSales.com has
the AI products to bring this vision to reality,” said Suaad Sait,
President of Growth for InsideSales.com.

“Predictive Pipeline offers a birds-eye view of the sales pipeline,
highlighting where gaps exist that would threaten the viability of the
forecast, and which sales reps need additional coaching to improve. It’s
a one-stop-shop to pipeline management and business intelligence. All
this insight can significantly reduce uncertainty and make pipeline
review calls a less stressful time for sales managers, as they are able
to hit their numbers more consistently,” added Suaad.

Sales leaders looking to find out if their sales pipeline is in good
health can compare their data to that of Fortune 500 companies and get a
score in the Pipeline
Benchmark Index
, the InsideSales.com tool for pipeline assessment.
Your data will remain anonymous for this assessment, and you will
receive your custom analysis via email.

About InsideSales.com:

InsideSales.com offers the industry’s leading AI-fueled sales
acceleration platform powered by Neuralytics™, a predictive and
prescriptive self-learning engine that drives revenue growth.

The platform helps companies acquire new customers faster, improve
cross-sell/upsell conversions, and rep performance.

Using the InsideSales.com platform can increase revenue up to 30 percent
in just 90 days, for companies who employ sales teams.

InsideSales.com has received numerous industry awards including
CBInsights award for Top 100 AI Startups, the 2017 AIconics Award for
Best Artificial Intelligence Application for Sales and Marketing, Forbes
Cloud 100 list, CNBC Disruptor 50, AlwaysOn Global 250, OnMedia 100 Top
Private companies, and more.

InsideSales.com accelerates sales for enterprise customers like Bank
of America, West Corp., Caesars Entertainment, CenturyLink (NewsAlert), T-Mobile,
Fidelity Investments, Microsoft, Waste Management, and Workday.

For more information visit www.insidesales.com.

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