Hey all, I’m looking to get on some home automation but not sure where to begin.

Right now I live in an apartment so anything I buy now needs to be removable so I can put everything back before I move out. I plan to fully automate my home when I buy my own place.

Some things I looking to do:

Lights – would like to be able to automate a “sunrise like” experience in the mornings for my bedroom. I want to make sure they can be operated from an app(iOS) but also controlled from a wall switch when my folks come to visit.

Door Lock – I have one entrance. Would like to have a smart lock that uses bluetooth or NFC. I’ve seen some that I can text a digital key to somebody if they need to get in.

Curtains – May wait on this one until I buy my own house.

Humidity – Would like to be able to monitor temp & humidity in my cigar humidor.

Camera’s – Once I own, I would be installing security camera’s but not at this point.

Not sure what else at this point, but would like to be sure I can grow in the future. Is there anything else that would be benificial to automate?

I currently have a server with tons of storage that I plan to run Virtual Servers from. I have a POE switch that will run the wifi access points(Ruckus) as well as the future camera’s. I also already have the Nest thermostat. I’ve also been looking into the Amazon Echo & Dots to run the voice activation part but haven’t purchased anything yet.

I’m not sure which protocol I should dig into or suggestions for hardware.

Thanks in advance for any help ya’ll can give me!

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