Equipped with an HD Wi-Fi Camera for the and an Alexa Speaker – designed to be placed in the living room, kitchen or parent’s bedroom – the baby monitor enables parents to control the nursery ecosystem, track activities and access information simply by asking.

Thanks to Alexa’s 70 baby-focused skills and 10,000 general Alexa skills, parents can ask Alexa to “play a lullaby,” “check the room temperature in the nursery,” “record a video,” and more.

  • 360-degree omni-directional audio
  • Camera moves 270 degrees from side to side (pan) and 120 degrees from front to back (tilt)
  • No cloud or storage/app fees
  • Infrared night vision
  • Camera: 3.8″ w / 5.7″ h / 3.8″ d
  • Speaker: 3.8″ w / 7.5″ h / 3.8″ d

Source link https://mysmahome.com//48410/---nursery-smart-baby-monitor-system/


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