Average yields of 110 to 115 bushels per acre on soil that is often more than 60 percent clay? That’s impressive. And that’s why Parkland Farms is featured on our latest episode of ‘Real’ Wheat Farmers.

In this video, RealAgriculture agronomist Peter Johnson peppers Parkland Farms agronomist Clark Aitken with questions on how the Lambton County Ontario farm consistently produces solid wheat yields on more than 3,000 acres of tough clay soils.

Aitken also shares the story of how, two years ago, the farm harvested 180 bushels of winter barley and then followed that with 40-bushel double crop soybean harvest.

Parkland’s wheat management strategy starts with early planting that includes putting the seed down with 125 lbs of MAP per acre using a twin bin air cart. Seeding rate is 1.6 to 1.7 million seeds and target plant stand is 10 to 12 plants per foot of row.

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In spring, Aitken’s strategy includes a split nitrogen application – 70 lbs early, 70 lbs late – with each application carrying 20 lbs of sulphur. Herbicide and fungicide applications are combined at the T1 stage with a second fungicide at T3.

Johnson describes Parkland’s approach as “nothin’ fancy: when you do the right things, you do the basics well, you end up being an awesome wheat grower like Aitken and Parkland Farms.”

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