Hello reddit!

Was wondering if anyone a bit more experienced can help me answer some questions.

Our living space is made up of an open living room and dinging room + kitchen in our house that have separate installed (controlling 2 separate “central̶; AC units on our roof). Our living room is separated from our dining room + kitchen with a very open wall / archway and on either side of the wall (back to back), thereR7;s a controlling each of the AC units.

I just purchased a Thermostat E to try on one of the units with the hopes of the other one as well. That’s when I started to asked myself: is it possible to connect both AC units to 1 Nest Thermostat E which can then control both AC units as if they were one?


  • all rooms can basically be considered 1 giant room and we utilize that entire space equally throughout the day (kids toys / play area in a corner in the dining space)
  • due to the heat where we live, the temperature in the area described above fluctuates significantly between the different “rooms” so we usually have both AC’s running 90% of the time anyway
  • I plan on getting a few Nest temperature sensors to place around the entire downstairs area so that we can hopefully achieve a more consistent / comfortable average temperature across the entire space
  • its going to obviously be cheaper than purchasing 2 thermostats

TLDR: I have 2 thermostats controlling 2 completely separate AC units in 1 massive room, can I connect both units to 1 Nest Thermostat E so that Nest can control both units at the same time as if they are one?

Edit: added TLDR.

Source link https://www.reddit.com/r//comments/97hopq/replacing_2_dumb_thermostats_with_1_nest/


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