So, I'm a 31 years old male, like many here I'm passionated since childhood by pc's and 'electronics'. In november I've discovered the concept 'home automation'. Read a lot a about it and came to the conclusion that I needed some kind of server before I could take other stept. Found a old laptop, and managed (after several nights) to install 'Home Assistant'. Couldn't figure out how to autostart the service (on ubuntu, I know nothing of linux). So gave up…

Now we bought a new house, we have the key in October and I want to install some home automation. Pulled the old laptop back up, tried to do a fresh install of ubuntu + 'home assistant'. Nothing works…few hours of trying, I give up… Don't worry, I can always use some other software… Let's try Domoticz. This time in virtual box on my mac. Doesn't work… files missing, services can't start, … Damn… okay, let's try OpenHAB… same shit, I can't even set up a simple 'server'. The only thing that works now is OpenHab on a Windows 7 installation… but I don't want to use Windows. So…for the love of god, how can I automate SOMETHING if the first step already fails? Then I still have to read/learn about Raspberry pi's, Arduino, ESP8266, …

The subject home automation is for me something like 'learning to play the piano', lot's of practice, lots of time, failing a lot, … can you feel me?

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