For my $1B++ organization I’m comparing server-based Premium and Enterprise Server. These are licenses allowing unlimited users and charges are based on usage and the size of the server you use. This contrasts with the individual perpetual or subscription based .

I understand costs vary with usage. The calculator to assist in estimating costs on the Microsoft Power BI website says:

This calculator provides a rough estimate based on simple usage logic. Actual needs to support a given workload could significantly vary based on data models, data volumes, number of queries and their complexities, refresh rates, usage distribution and pattern changes over time, and other factors. This estimate should be regarded only as guidance and is not providing any guarantee of performance.

Does anyone have experience with these licensing options and can provide suggestions? It seems the server options favour a large number of readers who don’t create content, but I can’t tell much more than that. Even if you have this type of user base, do substantial increases in data complexity and volume etc. tip the scales back toward individual licensing?

Edit: added the Power BI calculator link.

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