Due to dramatic and and weather in over the past 48 hours, the quality of the is not suitable for fresh market. We will most likely be very tight on blueberries through the week. Reports from growers indicate that the later varieties planted will have made it through the heat and we may start to see product the second week of August. Being Monday we are waiting to be updated by these growers.

The gap between California’s Winter/Spring and Fall/Winter blueberry crops is becoming smaller as availability is almost year round. Blueberries are currently coming out of Oregon and Washington, both in the top 5 states for blueberry production. Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey and North Carolina also have large blueberry crops, falling into the top 10 states for blueberry production.

Forbidden Blueberries

Source link http://www.earlsorganic.com/news/severe-heat-in-oregon--blueberry-crop/


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