Short window for dicamba closing on Minnesota farmers

A short window for applying dicamba herbicide is closing on Minnesota farmers.

After receiving more than 250 drift complaints a year ago, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture decided to restrict the use of dicamba technology after June 20th for the 2018 growing season.

Southeast Minnesota farmer Ed McNamara says planting delays coupled with the looming deadline will impact his post-emergent herbicide program.

“We were going to use some dicamba (in our program) and tomorrow’s the last day for spraying, and that’s not going to happen.  So we’ve spent some money on technology that we’re probably not going to get the benefit of this year.”

McNamara tells Brownfield he’ll probably use a higher rate of glyphosate with the dicamba cutoff date in effect.

Peterson Farms Seed account manager Craig LaVoi says many farmers in west-central Minnesota are in a similar situation.

“In the winter when meeting with growers, we (encouraged) having a Plan B.  Unfortunately we’re having to utilize that option.  It hasn’t been too wet out there, for the most part it’s been too windy or too warm, so it really has been a true challenge.”

In addition to the date cutoff, the Department of Ag also restricts the use of dicamba when temperatures are 85 degrees or above.


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