know can become busy, stressful and overwhelming – it’s difficult to juggle priorities with staying on top of managing the .

The good is, there are ways to ease the stress and life. With Mothers coming up, we’re focusing on how to make mom less overwhelmed with the help of Iris.




Often times the most convenient option is also the most favorable. For busy , convenience is key because it opens the door for accessibility and ease of use.

The smart plug will allow mom to enjoy the added convenience of turning on and off lamps, electronics and small appliances from anywhere using her smartphone. Real-time access to power consumption of individual electronic devices will be right at her fingertips.



Life is especially busy for mothers, because not only do they have to focus on their own, but their loved ones as well, including their children.

Receive notifications when there is unexpected movement in your home with the motion sensor. This allows mom to monitor the comfort of her home and increase security for family members.

Mom can also combine the motion sensor with a smart plug to have a lamp come on to welcome her home and helps her rest knowing her kids are safe at night.

The contact sensor will make Mom feel as though she’s in several areas of the home at once. This will help mom monitor if something has been opened or closed – doors, windows, cabinets, safes or anywhere she feels is necessary.


Lastly, make life easier on mom with home automation. This allows multiple actions to be done with the push of a button, saving her time and requiring little energy.

The smart fob is perfect for this – mom can turn on lights, arm/disarm the security alarm, lock/unlock doors and more. She can also be put at ease by receiving notifications when the kids arrive home from school.



It’s much less stressful to get things done when you aren’t trying to beat the clock, especially when you’re able to schedule tasks ahead of time. With Spring in full swing, much focus is put on gardening and lawn care.

The sprinkler controller and water timer will help mom schedule when plants will be watered for a specific time period. This way, she won’t have to worry that her flowers and plants are getting the love they need while away.

Simplify mom’s life, and there’s no better time than Mothers Day. Added convenience, smart monitoring, home automation and preparation with Iris products will help ease stress and give mom the extra hand she often needs.

Head to the Iris Community and share ideas on how you plan to simply your mom’s life this Mother’s Day.



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