The objective

We’ve moved into a new flat which has a built in wardrobe with sliding doors, so we’re in the process of building the interior (shelves, drawers etc.), and I’m looking to buy strip lights that light each section so when the door opens the lights come on. Ideally, I would also like a on/off switch on the far left wall of the wardrobe so I can slide the first door open a little bit and turn off the /lights so if it’s dark I can make it so the lights don’t wake anyone up.

The method

So I was thinking, rather than getting strip lights with built in motion sensors like Ikea, I would get regular strip lights as that way I have more choice of colour, length etc. and then have them all into an extension board which at it’s source it plugged into a so it can be controlled remotely. That smart would need to be hooked up to a motion sensor so it triggers when the doors open.

The problem

A lot of smart plugs with motion sensors have the motion sensor built into the plug, which is an issue for a wardrobe because the plug won’t be in the best position for the motion sensor to be triggered. So the motion sensor needs to wirelessly send the signal to the smart plug to tell it to trigger on or off

My solution

I saw that the company Hive makes a smart plug and separate motion sensor, so as long as you have their hub, which conveniently I already have (got it for free a while ago from our gas company). Both together comes to £54. The added bonus of doing it this way is because it’s a “smart” solution, the on/off switch I mentioned I would ideally like can be done via the app and I’m sure there’s a way to have a hardware switch hooked up to it somehow.

Potential problem with my solution

Maybe I won’t know until I get it but if it works via a network, I would imagine there will be a bit of a delay between opening the wardrobe door and the light triggering on. It’s also not the cheapest, £54 isn’t a huge amount but I’d love to hear other solutions that might be cheaper

My question to you

Are there any motion sensors that communicate with a plug wirelessly that don’t require a network connection? I would imagine this would be cheaper, have less delay, and be more streamlined as it serves one purpose rather than be part of a network of smart objects.

Alternative method, is this better?

If we went with a network approach to the solution, I wonder if more options would be available if instead of using Hive I used something compatible with Philips Hue. We have Hue with 3 bulbs in the house, so we have the hub. I don’t mean getting Hue strip lights, as this would probably be the most expensive way to achieve what we want, but as Hue is Zigbee I wondered if this meant there were more smart plugs and motion sensors available?

Any guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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