Other Great Captions


“No one internally is dumb enough to apply.”

Sally Mills

Twinsburg, OH

“I was going to apply, but there’s a great opening for junior clerk in accounting…”

Wil Biscardi

Hall’s Warehouse Corp.

“Looks like HR is adopting our perpetual inventory model.”

Peter Klausner


“There is a higher turnover in the position than on inventory.”

Jorge A. Cuevas


“On the way our, the last guy was blaming the deep state.”

Chris Moushey

King of Prussia, PA

“Our VP turns ratio is way up!”

Ronald A. May

Lucas Systems

“If we don’t make the Gartner top 25, you’re out the door.”

Susan Blalock

Racine, WI

“Our forecasting tools didn’t predict a VP replacement this early.”

Jeff W. Gilbert


“I guess filling the position with a robot didn’t work out after all.”

Spencer L. Felder

Kalman and Company, Inc.

“With freight rates and wages up, it’s a great opportunity if you’re a magician or ready to retire.”

Paul Krumhaus

Army Contractor

“HR didn’t even take the sign down from last month after the last guy got hired.”

Robert Surdan

Integra LifeSciences

“Maybe the next one should try waiting awhile for supply chain transformation.”

Jeff Sohner

Columbus, OH

“I understand HR is looking at former reality TV show stars now.”

Mike Massetti


“So Earl Says to me, “What are they going to do, replace me with a machine?'”

Chris Russell

NextShift Robotics, Inc



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