Hi y’all,

I was a biology my first of then an accounting my sophomore year college (my freshman year I did not do well at all for a number of factors), but this summer I recently transferred to a new college and my to supply chain management. I was really indecisive with what exactly I wanted to do, and I have not done any internships with any companies this far in my college career. Right now I am just trying to get into the swing of things as far as it goes with this new and new school, but seeing as how I’m a I know I do not have much time to figure things out. My biggest fear right now is that I know is a degree where internships are a big thing and can really affect your post-grad jobs. I’m currently trying to get my GPA up still because of the academic blunders I made my first year, my overall is around a 2.9 right now which is pretty bad.

I’m hoping to get more involved at this school and somehow score an internship, but I just want to run a few scenarios and get your thoughts on it.

If I were to graduate in SCM with a decent GPA, do you think that would make it difficult for me to find good jobs after graduating?

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