I want to pass on to you all an exciting opportunity regarding the inaugural Tampa Blockchain Innovation Challenge.   We have partnered with SynapseBlockspaces, and Procrdex to develop this as a means of assisting members of our technical and innovation communities here in central Florida to learn more about this rapidly emerging technology.  While blockchain has been largely associated with cryptocurrencies, a massive push is being made across virtually all industries to create applications leveraging this technology to transform value chains.  The healthcare industry is fraught with transactional friction in virtually every operational niche existing within the market.  Blockchain technology is poised to disrupt and transform a number of areas, such as practitioner identity and credentialing, claims and payment settlement, patient medical records, clinical trial data management, supply track/trace, and so on.   This Challenge will focus on creating a blockchain-based application demonstrating the collection and reporting of personal wellness data from IoT devices (e.g., pedometers, scales, fitness tracking apps)—providing sponsors of wellness programs (e.g., employers, plans, trainers) with a simple and intuitive application to “visualize” the provenance and lifecycle of that data.

The challenge will be limited to teams of up to five members experienced in modern software engineering tools & techniques (e.g., UX, C++/#, Java, Python).   Blockspaces will be providing two 90-minute complimentary Ethereum/Solidity training courses at their location in South Tampa to all invited teams participating in the Challenge.   Thereafter, teams will be given several weeks to design and develop their applications and submit them for review.  On July 31, teams will present their solutions and a winner will be selected by a panel ofblockchain experts.  The winning team will be awarded $3,000.00

Important Dates:

June 5 – Challenge Announcement

June 18 – Team Submission Deadline

June 19 – Training Session 1

June 26 – Training Session 2

July 20 – Solution Submission Deadline

July 31 – Presentations and Awards

Registration is open to teams from any type of organization (corporations, universities, meetup groups) whose members meet the requisite baseline technology experience.

Interested parties can apply directly within the Synapse platform here:  http://bit.ly/BlockchainChallenge

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