is ready to provide the full function of on systems. People can use Alexa to ask questions, listen to music, use third-party skills and smart home with voice on iPhones and iPads.

The Alexa app on iOS had been able to manage other Alexa-enabled devices only on the screen. Since the iPhone and iPad have their native voice assistant Siri, Alexa could only be activated by tapping a button in the app. It could not be woken with the term “Hey Alexa.” Otherwise, Alexa works normally in other Echo devices. Furthermore, some queries relating to weather, sports, calendar and movies can be answered using a visual factor in the app.

Compared to other voice assistants like Google Assistant or Siri, Alexa faces the challenge that Amazon doesn’t make mobile devices or own a mobile operating systems. Apple can integrate Siri directly into its smartphones and tablets and so can Google.

Following a different path, Amazon has partnered with hardware manufacturers like Motorola and Huawei to bring native Alexa support to mobile devices.

Using the mobile app is part of Amazon’s strategy to put Alexa in more consumer devices. Amazon uploaded the Alexa app for the Android system at the beginning of the year, and now for the iOS system. Amazon said the update will be rolled out in the coming days.

It isn’t certain how many people will talk to Alexa on their iOS devices, especially when Siri can be woken with voice and Apple just announced the “Shortcuts” feature, which enables users to create a customized series of voice-control actions.

Nonetheless it’s a positive development for Alexa now that users may access the voice assistant via many devices, including smartphones, thermostats, smart speakers, smart TV remotes and tablets.

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