Hello y’all, I am Esther Young one of the Cornercopia apprentices and a Sophomore majoring in Food Systems. As I was thinking about what this post should be about this week I was interrupted by water leaking through my boots and soaking into my socks. Immediately, I knew what the topic would be for this week, it would be what showed up with all the rain: hope.

     After all the snow and cold and waiting, spring is finally coming in and it is starting by clearing the drifts of snow with a deluge of rain. All the students you speak to will talk about the hope that spring is bringing for them in their most beloved holiday of Spring Break. Everyone hopes to finish strong. At Cornercopia, despite all the rain, chill, and students leaving for break, the apprentices are forming more and more dreams for the coming season. We have hope. The warmth of the greenhouse reminds me that spring is coming, so much so that I want to go, lay down next to the plants and take a nap. I actually could have done that last month or even last week, but not now. Now the greenhouses are not just filling up with the pounds upon pounds of pea shoots but they are now filling with trays and trays of onions, peppers, herbs, and the hope that every seed will germinate. Every time I come to work, our hallway planting space is somehow even busier than before with volunteers and apprentices planting more and more seeds. During planning meetings, we are able to look past the snow and decide where every plant will go or even when we want to put them out. We have hope. We have hope that our seeds will germinate, we will have enough volunteers, and that the snow will be fully washed away in time to plant our crops.

     Something that really sparked hope in me this week was another assignment for Cornercopia: produce a report on the current relationship between the Nutritious U Food Pantry and Cornercopia. In case you are not aware, the Nutritious U Food Pantry is a great source of hope for students on campus throughout the year. Every month, the pantry opens for three days and students can come to grab fresh staples to fill out their pantries. The majority of the food at the pantry is supplied by the Food Group but two years ago Cornercopia started working with Nutritious U to grow fresh produce for the fall semester. This year, their efforts have increased and in conjunction with Cornercopia are starting their seeds in hopes of their best harvest yet. All the potatoes, squash, kale, onions, peppers, etc will be harvested in September to supply local, fresh produce to any student who enters the food pantry. They are always happy to have volunteers who would like to spend an hour running the food pantry or possibly planting, tending the garden, or harvesting in the fall. If you are interested in volunteering contact Rebecca Leighton by emailing [email protected] or looking them up on facebook.

By Esther

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