With Courtney Tchida

I would first like to acknowledge and thank Courtney for allowing me to sign up for HORT 3090, I learned so much during this course, I now have a better understanding on the concept of permaculture and how it differs from other agricultural practices.

What I loved most about this course was the opportunity to learn from an expert, an expert in organic farming and permaculture. To me, Courtney is that expert, not only from the valuable course content she taught but with her experience and listening to the kind praise she receives from others.

By taking this course, I now feel capable of explaining what permaculture is, the principles, and how it differs from organic agriculture. Before the class, I was unable to talk about these practices confidently, but Courtney explained the concept of permaculture correctly and easy to understand by using the “framework” analogy. Permaculture is the framework, while spin farming is the details, and organic agriculture is the toolbox for solutions. 

Learning these concepts is critical for me to know, with a degree and future career in Agriculture Communication and Education understanding these concepts are vital for me if I plan to teach and communicate agriculture to the public. Other than the permaculture framework, we learned the basics on bio-intensive growing, companion planting, crop rotations, pest management, tools, organic certification and more.

I can’t thank Courtney enough with the resources she shared with us such as the SARE website, powerpoint slides, and book recommendations. Having Courtney as a point of contact makes me feel confident in going forward into my agriculture career. 

“Permaculture is about relationships that we can create between minerals, plant animals, and humans by the way we place them in the landscape.” – Bill Mollison

-Joshua Munoz

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