Thorlabs announces GAN610C1 and GAN620C1 imaging systems

July 19, 2018 – announced that it has expanded its Ganymede OCT line to include two   offering  an  A-scan  rate  of  248  kHz,  the   and  .

As with Thorlabs’ previously released Ganymede and Telesto OCT systems, these OCT systems are available in both general-purpose (GAN610) and high-resolution (GAN620 – 3 µm axial resolution) variants, each of which offers the same roll-off and performance as the other members of Thorlabs’ OCT family. For both systems, the user can switch between different A-scan rate presets ranging from 5 kHz to 248 kHz to achieve a balance between sensitivity and imaging speed.

Like all other Thorlabs OCT systems, the user can choose to purchase a complete, preconfigured system, which includes a standard scanner with dedicated imaging objective, scanner stand, and sample manipulation stage, or to opt for a user- configurable solution where the customer chooses from a selection of modular components.

All Thorlabs OCT systems are shipped with a computer preinstalled with the ThorImageOCT 5.0 image acquisition software as well as a user-programmable Thorlabs OCT software development kit (SDK).


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