We’re a at Broadfork Farm, welcome to all!

Open Farm Day poster


1-2 pm: Farm tour – we’ll show you around and talk about what we see.

2-3 pm: Garlic Planting Party! Many hands make light work. Garlic is a fun crop to plant and a nice way to get your hands into the soil before winter arrives.

3-4 pm: Demo of our new-ly created and innovative ‘Self-loading Compost Spreader.’ This is one of the most exciting improvements on our farm this season – and we designed and created it ourselves with the expert building and creation skills of a master mechanic, specializing in equipment for farms (Dan at Community Machinery). This implement has saved us so much time and physical wear and tear on our bodies (aka shovelling). We’ll use it to mulch over the garlic we plant.

On Sunday, October 14th between 1 and 4 pm.

Broadfork Farm, 3630 Boars Back Rd., River Hebert, NS

Here’s the link to the google map for directions: https://goo.gl/maps/PVj3XqGqKey


We’d love to see you out, in this short ‘mosquito and black fly-free’ time of year!

the Broadfork Farmers, Shannon and Bryan


P.S. Please dress appropriately for the weather and for getting a bit dirty.

P.S.S. In order to avoid transferring potential new weed seeds or soil diseases, please wash any soil off your boots or shoes before arriving (especially for you farmers and gardeners). Thank you!


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