While we await the next version of ASP.NET , Microsoft is also working on major updates in its next release. It includes project composition with frameworks, better .NET integration, and third-party open-source integration. All these changes are aimed to make the development process easier and faster for you. 

Let’s have a broad look at them:

Packages vs. Frameworks

The way a project reference and run on ASP.NET Core is changing with the versions and years. The 1.0 of ASP.NET Core was “just packages,” and appeared as NuGet package reference in projects. In version 2.1, ASP.NET Core evolved as a .NET Core “shared framework.” The updates in 3.0 are designed to overcome the challenges faced while working with the previous versions of ASP.NET Core by the users. 

As part of these changes, few important sub-components are not available in the ASP.NET Core 3.0’s shared framework:

1) Json.NET (Newtonsoft.Json)

2) Entity Framework Core (Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.*)

The new version will continue to ship packages providing integration for the ASP.NET Core elements that rely on Json.NET features like the JSON format in MVC. However, the default experiences will alter to utilize the new-in-box JSON APIs.

In 3.0, the Entity Framework Core will ship in the form of “pure” NuGet packages. It makes R;

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