I heard about hue and lifx and some others but I still don’t know which is best (it seems they all come with their own issues)

My setup will either be 2 lightbulbs or 1 lightbulb and 2 light strips (or 3)

I wont spread it to my whole house, it will be one and it will stay there so i need a definitive

-I don’t mind multiple brands as long as it’s not a headache to deal with

-If possible, no hub, it’s just one room, I can deal with the occasional connection issues

-It’s not a big room so I don’t care about high luminosity but I do care about good color (or good enough color, I don’t want bleeding edge tech, yet)

-Under 200 euros if possible, if you have a magical cheap solution for less than 100 i’m all for it

-I want to control it through my phone, if there’s a catch with light switches I don’t mind, it’s just this room I can handle it

So what do you think is the best option?

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