As the controversy surrounding plastic straws and other plastic containers continue, why don’t more large companies switch to sustainable, natural alternatives such as Bamboo?.

Bamboo is an incredibly efficient crop that never has to be replanted and grows far quicker then trees, and is certainly biodegradable in comparison to hard plastic. I understand that most bamboo is only found in a handful of Asian countries and that would pose a problem in terms of supply. But certainly with the vast resources these companies have, it would be possible to create a supply chain and create Bamboo straws, burger boxes, plates, napkins, utensils, etc.

I assume plastic water bottles would be harder to replace, but even steps such as these would vastly reduce the amount of trash that is produced.

Edit: This is a company that makes a variety of bamboo/sugarcane disposables, such as tissues and toilet paper. However it’s more ‘expensive’ then mainstream brands, which I find strange and it’s likely due to the lack of competition and supply.

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