Their first is being used by top directors, the performance is incredibly slow due to an inefficient data model, and quite complex UI expressions.

All of this is causing some of the charts to take over a minute to evaluate. And there is hardly any governance.

On top of this all of the new upcoming requirements seem to be to build on top of the existing dashboard which is incredibly slow.

It is incredibly hard to push back and say perhaps you should create seperate apps and not build everything in one because of how far reaching this dashboard is up the hierarchy. Even our VP can only push back only a little bit.

They do not seem to realise part of the reason of the bad performance of the dashboard is the fact that they are trying to make it do everything.

My plan is to help get them some quick wins while understanding the business, and why the data model is built the way it is.

Then I plan to optimise this dashboard by creating a transform, data model, and dashboard layer so the dashboard is not dealing with everything (currently it is).

I plan to help them understand how works, the importance of governance etc but not sure how much I can achieve in . I want to deliver good value so they extend with our company because we are helping them.

What would you do in the next 6 months to help them understand how to BI?

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