I have a Honeywell Aube TI040/U on my pool pump and I wired in a three-way according to the manufacturer’s diagram. It works great for me to manually be able to toggle the pump on/off. I’m wondering if there’s a z-wave or product I could use to give me remote over the three-way switch? There’s no neutral, just “COM” and “TW” per the diagram – I’m guessing TW is traveler wire? Maybe a battery powered z-wave or relay would work?

I was hoping I could use Aeotec’s Nano switch, but it looks like it requires a neutral, but only the Dimmer model seems to not require a neutral. I’m not even sure what the voltage is like on the COM/TW, I need to pull out my multimeter, but before I do I’m wondering if there’s an products that could even handle this.

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