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Before we get into the reasons, we should probably answer this important question. It wasn’t too long ago that this concept wasn’t even around. If I think back to how I used to listen to music around the house, it would usually involve a hi-fi in the lounge (complete with CD player, tuner, tape deck and yes, even a record deck). Then in the kitchen, there was a small radio on the window sill and in the bedroom was the ever-popular bedside alarm-clock-come-radio.

It was impossible to transfer what anyone was listening to in one over to another . In fact, our solution to having music heard throughout the house – usually for when we were entertaining – was to just have the hi-fi on really loud. When we were barbecuing, we’d turn the volume up and have the windows open to be able to hear music in the garden. Remembering those days makes it sound really primitive considering we now have multiroom audio.

So what is the benefit of multiroom audio then? Well, it allows you to be able to listen to different music in different rooms – or in fact, the same music in multiple rooms. The choice is yours. This could mean you listening to relaxing sounds in the living room, while your young one is lulled to sleep with their favourite audiobook in the nursery. Or, when you’re entertaining you can make sure the party never skips a beat by having the same music playing in the kitchen, lounge, dining room and on the terrace. This is all possible with the Loxone Music Server which has been developed specifically for use in a Real Smart Home.

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