Are Americans safe from the coming robot workforce? Every day, robotic engineers are working on new, innovative designs to make the workplace safer and more efficient. Despite this benefit, many people are wondering whether they’ll lose their to machines and what impact will have on their lives.

Although, they have no emotional capacity — leaving them at a disadvantage — robots can perform work precisely, safely and efficiently. According to a report issued by ManpowerGroup, called “The Skills Revolution,” robotic innovations will increase automation and take over many menial jobs, but the technology will also create new roles. However, according to the report, the nation’s workforce must “upskill” to take on these emerging roles. As this scenario unfolds, professionals with the foresight to learn new skills will grow increasingly valuable in the workplace. Conversely, those who don’t invest in themselves and prepare for the future will get left behind, an outcome that’s bad for workers and businesses that’s likely to increase the growing financial divide.

The following segments explore four that robots might revolutionize jobs.

1. Robotics Are Impacting Healthcare Procedures

Robots are helping to alleviate the healthcare tech crunch. As the technology matures, it’s growing more cost-effective, accessible and beneficial. …

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