computing is a well-known phrase that is used throughout enterprise-level IT. The cloud has created a unique architecture that companies can utilize in order to grow their business in a budget-friendly, yet sophisticated way. In 1997, Steve Jobs called non-connected computers ‘Byzantine’, a descriptor that fits many offline-only systems today. These archaic systems, while still functional, are clunky and much slower than the current cutting edge of technology which utilizes innovations such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the Internet of Things to build a more robust and interactive infrastructural base. So how exactly is the cloud ?

1. AI as a Service

We’re already familiar with SaaS, but taking it to the next level, offering AI as a service, seems like something straight out of a science fiction film. AI and machine learning have become a part of so many modern computing solutions thanks to its ease of accessibility. Small businesses can gain insights from machine learning that are maintained and operated by data giants such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc. in order to help their own software development. Salesforce notes, in a 2018 white paper, that AI-powered CRM stands to create as much as 800,000 jobs and …

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